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performing | creating | coaching

  • Ensemble Klang / co-founder and trombonist
  • 9×13 / band leader and trombonist
  • freelance musician
  • Stichting Ensemble Klang / business director 
  • Royal Conservatoire / teacher Professional Practice Preparation & coach

I (1978) started playing the trombone at the local wind band when I was nine. Soon, my beloved hobby became my big passion. In 2008 I received my Master of Music title with distinction at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague, where I studied with Timothy Dowling, Brandt Attema, Charles Toet, Pete Saunders and Arthur Moore. After winning a trombone audition in 2009 at the Ballet Orchestra (formerly known as Holland Symfonia), I left the orchestra in 2018 to gain momentum in realizing my dreams, amongst others expanding my own music groups Ensemble Klang and 9×13 to reach new heights. 

These groups are dedicated to new music: as much as I love the classical repertoire ( I regularly freelance with the Residentie Orkest, Nederlands Philharmonisch Orkest, Nederlands Blazers Ensemble, the Ballet Orchestra, Radio Filharmonisch Orkest), my big passion is performing contemporary music. Music that is adventurous, new, unexpected, and that deserves an expanding audience to get moved and inspired by.

Ensemble Klang is founded in 2003, and consists of saxes, trombone, electrical guitar, piano and percussion. The sextet, with the sound of a band, is dedicated to work with the most interesting composers and makers of their time. Klang dives into the unknown, on the outlook for new and exciting sonic and visual adventures. Next to that, in 2015 I launched 9×13: a neo-fanfare that builds ‘music theatre without words’ performances in which it combines contemporary music, theatre and choreography, mixed up with the Dutch Fanfare tradition. 

Inspiring people to move

In 2001 I graduated as a Master of Science at Utrecht University, where I studied Social Sciences in the field of Organizational Studies. With that background I became business director of Ensemble Klang Foundation, a position that I held since. From 2017 I share my experience with students of the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague, with my activities as teacher of Professional Practice Preparation, supervisor Master Research and a Professional Integration coach, preparing the next generation for the spotlight.