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march 15 2016

Classical:NEXT 2016

I look very much forward to performances of both Ensemble Klang and 9×13 on the festive opening evening of Classical:NEXT 2016 in De Doelen, Rotterdam this spring.

Classical:NEXT was born out of the simple idea to bring the diverse scenes of classical music together and offer them a forum to exchange and develop new ideas around classical and contemporary – or in a wider sense – art music. That was in 2011. Since then, around 2,000 art music professionals representing 1,000 companies from more than 40 countries have engaged with Classical:NEXT and made it into the world’s most important classical music meeting.

I am incredibly pleased to contribute to this very special event – stay posted for more news, or even better: join our Facebook and Twitter pages so you really don’t miss out on anything new!

Classical:NEXT | De Doelen, Rotterdam, May 25 20:00

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my first post - march 7 2016

2016 is a promising and very exciting year. It includes the first production ever of my newly founded neo-fanfare 9×13 and many inspiring projects of Ensemble Klang, next to promising productions of the Ballet Orchestra and other freelance gigs such as Khovantchina by the Dutch Opera and performances with the David Kweksilber Big Band this spring.

9×13 | a feast for the eyes and the ears

What do you get when you combine nine leading musicians, contemporary music and a marching band? 9×13! With flute, saxophones, horn, trumpet, trombones, tuba and percussion 9×13 brings contemporary music directly to a broad and diverse audience. At first look, a traditional marching band, but it’s much more. It’s a brass band reborn: theatrical, challenging and versatile.

The finest contemporary composers cut loose and re-think the rules of marches, ballads, dances and waltzes. Enticing new music, with taut choreography and a skilled theatre direction that embraces narrative, abstract and absurd. Whether that’s at festivals, in the park, on the street, or in the concert hall, for a special event or simply in your front yard. Allow yourself to be challenged, moved, shaken and stirred by the cutting edge productions of 9×13.

Our first production, called Morendo, brings a jazz funeral procession to the Dutch theatre- and musicfestivals. Starting as a second-line performance, it transforms into a absurd resurrection of the trumpet player – who is supposed to be carried to his last resting place -, musically accompanied by a couple of newly arranged pieces.

Be shaken and stirred with Morendo and visit us at Classical Next, Wonderfeel and Hongerige Wolf this summer!


After the more quiet, almost sabbatical, year of Ensemble Klang in 2015, this year is full of exciting new projects, album releases of Pete Harden (on our own Ensemble Klang label) and Peter Adriaansz, and much more. Last year, the Klang team worked very hard preparing new productions on various levels, building new collaborations, professionalizing the foundation and reaching new focus. This year, the first results are showing, and while enjoying it thoroughly in the moment we keep building steadily to fully reach up to our standards and mission: to bring the best of new music to an ever growing audience across the world!

Check out our website or keep updated at my “performances” page.