Anton van Houten

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spotlight: Klang at Orgelpark with Kit Downes on 5th of October

Welcome on my website

My name is Anton van Houten – people might know me professionally as trombone player, performer, business and artistic director, coach, and supervisor. Besides that, I love strolling the streets in The Hague on a lazy afternoon. Feel free to take a look here if you want to know more!

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From spark to spotlight

My activities in the cultural field share a common principle, which I call “from spark to spotlight”.

Whether it is about mastering my instrument, building projects, realising artistic and business goals, coaching young professionals as well as seasoned musicians and the people around them, it is all about bringing something valuable on the stage, to put it into the spotlight. It is about showing people: “Hey look at this, it is worthwile”! Where the stage is a proper concert hall, an alternative venue, or at an outside festival or on the streets. But it is also about staging mental concepts and bringing dreams and ideas into reality.

In a time where one person can have multiple careers and display hybrid practices, I see it as my mission to bring these careers and practices as far as possible, both on and off stage, but always in the spotlight.


On this website you’ll find some background information about me, as well as my most important projects in which I am involved. There are some nice pictures and videos too. I also encourage you to take a look at my Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, which is also the spot where you can reach out with me to make contact.

Want to see me perform? Check the webpages of 9×13 and/or Ensemble Klang for an actual playlist.